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Shivtirth is an entertainment and learn passage to the most excellent blend of Water Park, Boating, Adventure, Amusement, Agriculture and Nature. Being one of its exceptional sorts of goal for Get-away and relaxation, Shivtirth offers you the beautiful magnificence of Satpuda mountain beauty. Our place Shivtirth is the God gift, amazing, natural place at Umari (Dam) Saoner, Nagpur (M.S.) well known for Agro, Aqua, Adventure,  Air Tourism. It is located on ranges of Satpuda mountain & is surrounded by Dam, Forest and Valley. It is the destination for School Picnic family, Group Picnic and Funtions on Hill Station and is just 47 km away from Nagpur on Baitul National High Way no. 47. Now a day Shivtirth represents the Largest Plantations Centre of fruits in Vidarbha. The place is developed for various Agro, Aqua, Adventure, Air activities for complete learn and fun. We organize school camp, curriculum based educational program, team building programmes, various functions like birth day , Anniversary, marriage, wed shooting, meetings etc. within limited budget.


Mother nature is open door school without brick walls. India is agriculturists country, it is expected that we should know the information related to agriculture i.e. nature. Today urban children’s world has become limited in the close door school, classes, cartoon programs, television, video games, computer, internet, luxurious fun and food. Now a day it become very necessary that children must know agriculture farming to come very close to land and nature and learn many new things about farming, crops, plant, gardens, insecticides, animals, birds, water etc. By keeping in mind the overall development of student Shivtirth has developed a centre for learning the above things. Shivtirth is dedicated to quality year round outdoor, natural education to make students more courageous, confident and creative to strengthen their capabilities from physical stamina to intellectual skills from environmental awareness to concentration ability with varieties of recreational games of agro, aqua and adventure activities for complete learn and fun.
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